Scale solar with confidence

Enabling clean energy construction companies to grow with margin by unifying sales, office, and field teams on one operations platform.

Ascent OS operations platform overview
Missing adders, outdated pricing.
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Non-buildable projects, lost revenue. Constant revisions, external delays, more systems, explosive cost.

When every project stakeholder is working in separate tools, business becomes inefficient and visibility to margin fades. Without a view to all activities driving opportunity and cost, and real-time coordination to keep team work aligned, crucial details are overlooked. Processes bottleneck, deadlines are missed, and—inevitably—profit suffers.

It's all predictable. So it's avoidable.

The Ascent OS platform solves these exact challenges by maximizing efficiency and delivering clean energy companies total control over their margins.

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One project record, shared with every stakeholder

Our platform lets employees, contractors, and partner networks work together off the same project record while still using the tools they prefer.

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Coordinate in Real-time

Use activity assignments and project-specific notes with messaging features to simplify coordination and communication across distributed teams.

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Grow with Margin

Lock in margins at the onset—and maintain them through the unexpected—by ensuring buildable projects, validating pricing, and leveraging built-in change management.


Maximize Productivity

Optimize resources to minimize project duration and cost with built-in features like WIP filters, process SLAs, crew scheduling, and AHJ repository.

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Future proof your operations

Adapt to market shifts and constant change to partners, contracts, and processes with flexible tools built to adjust your operations platform on a dime. As we keep working to enhance our technology—from DOE standards to AI-assisted planning and analysis—our mission is to help clean energy businesses stay competitive with bulletproof returns.

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